HostMAX Security Alert

  • 24th March 2015
It has come to the attention of HostMAX that clients are receiving emails indicating that their email accounts are near capacity and require re-validation.Please be aware that these emails are an attempt to steal your login information and have not originated from HostMAX.If if you receive an email like this or anything that you're unsure about ...
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New Security

  • 18th December 2014
HostMAX has been experiencing an increase in bruteforce attacks on wordpress sites hosted on our servers. As a result we have implimented new security measures, if you begin receiving error 403 codes when attempting to log into your wordpress administrstive panel please contact support via live chat or by opening a support ticket.
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New Live Chat!

  • 20th June 2014

HostMAX has added a new live chat feature to the website.

Now clients both new and existing can talk real-time with a representative and receive answers to questions.

Please feel free to use this new feature, even to just say hello.

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Server Upgrade

  • 1st July 2012

We will be upgrading our servers over the next 48 hours, there should be little to no down time experienced by customers, most upgrades will be done late in the late evening to early morning.

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